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What does it take to become an Espresso?

NOTICE: Applications are not open until mid 2026 but you can still apply




"Shadow" Composer: Contractual/part-time work. Includes taking certain roles in editing, writing, arranging, and producing new compositions. You will be known as "The Espresso (number that is assigned 2-9)" and your artist name, if you choose to do so.

Ideal if you are your own artist, but want to execute any risky ideas that could harm your following.


You are your own artist but prefer to compose over producing or vice versa while still having a say in the final product

There are currently 8 possible positions


Performer: Light contractual work unless part of the "main band" (heavier, more time demanding contracts and performances). Contracts can range from recording sessions, small gigs and large, live performances as a soloist, band member or section.

Ideal if you want to be a part of/featured in a non-standard band or ensemble


You want to experiment and showcase cool/new techniques as well as being challenged by our composers

Depending on success, available funds, the economy and a lot of other factors, the current number of available spots is 4-10


Position available in 2030

Music & Performmance

  • Bachelors of music (Composition) or higher

  • Play an instrument (audition required)

  • Sufficient sound editing, mixing, and mastering skills

  • Preferable recording/live performance experience


  • Bachelor of music (Performance) or higher

  • Adequate performance experience

  • Preferably play multiple instruments as well as primary

  • Can arrange and compose music

  • Knows how to use equipment

Mechanical Engineer

  • Bachelor of Engineering or higher

  • Good and usable knowledge of material science

  • Can navigate and work in a well known CAD program

  • Innovative


  • A degree in Electrical Engineering

  • CAD program fluency

  • Innovative

Chemistry Consultant

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering or higher


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Chemistry or higher



  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology or higher

  • Any major branch, including experimental


  • Music Business / Arts Management degree 


Conceptualizer: A light job of coming up with ideas for current and future projects as well as researching current technologies and capabilities. This is where the ideas start.

There are 3 available positions 

Coagulator: A position with light workload surrounding managing current material and tool resources as well as acting as the first filter for any unrealistic/unsafe concepts and ideas from the conceptualizer branch.

There are 2 positions available

Manifestor 1-4: A case by case workload that involves heavy CAD/3D design as well as making calculations. This position involves manifesting rough sketches from Conceptualizers in CAD and heavy teamwork between groups. 

M1- Convert sketches or ideas into CAD 


M2- Ensure that any moving parts are designed as intended


M3- Design electrical systems


M4- Ensure structural integrity is acceptable

There are currently 5 positions available

Refiner: A case by case workload position that requires you to review every design for unacceptable flaws, as well as come up with better variants of designs.

There are currently 2 available positions


Position available in 2030

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