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//   Name: Vincent xXxx xxx xxxxx Nguyen
//  Originwwwwwwwww, OR
//  Gender: Male
//  Years Active:  2018- Present
//   Member type: Founder
//  Genres:  [---] 
//  Role: Composer, Instrumentalist, Producer

Additional notes

Instruments: Violin, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Alto sax, Alto clarinet, and 5 string violin 

Composing specialty: Midi and hybrid orchestral compositions

2016-2020 performance count: 200+


THE SLIMES (Decommissioned)

//   Name: Cherenkov (blue), Helios (red),  Iona (green)
//  OriginEspresso 01
//  Gender: ???
//  Years Active:  2022-2024
//   Member type: Founder
//  Genres:  [puddle pop] 
//  Role: Mascot, Future Instructor
//  Species: Slime
These slimes are the face of the group and will be present in any tutorial videos on the YouTube channel. They also make it easier to make videos as they always look good regardless of the state of the voice behind them.

Additional notes

They are cute.

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