//   Name: Vincent xXxx xxx xxxxx Nguyen
//  Originwwwwwwwww, OR
//  Gender: Male
//  Years Active:  2018- Present
//   Member type: Founder
//  Genres:  [---] 
//  Role: Composer, Instrumentalist, Inventor
//  Species: Human

Hailing from an immigrant family from Vietnam, The Espresso 01 initially was a violinist until he discovered that learning secondary instruments wasn't as difficult as he thought. At the end of his high school career, 01 had performed in Italy, Austria, USA, and Australia on violin and clarinet. Along with leading most of his high school ensembles, 01 was also a steady varsity member across his Cross country, Swimming, and Track teams. 01's composing career started off late as he only started committing real time and effort into composing sophomore or junior year of highschool. Over two years, 01 had received several commissions as well as conducting opportunities.

Additional notes

Instruments: Violin, Clarinet, Alto sax, Alto clarinet, and 5 string violin

Composing specialty: Large orchestral and big band

2016-2020 performance count: 200+


//   Name: Cherenkov (blue), Helios (red),  Iona (green)
//  OriginEspresso 01
//  Gender: ???
//  Years Active:  2022-Present
//   Member type: Founder
//  Genres:  [puddle pop] 
//  Role: Mascot, Instructor
//  Species: Slime
These slimes are the face of the group and will be present in most videos on the YouTube channel. They also make it easier to make videos as they always look good on camera.

Additional notes

They are cute.