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-Relatively climate controlled

-Within 1-2 hours of White Plains NY

-Accessible by cars

-Have at least 1 functioning power outlet within the room


We do concerts or rehearsals including solo heavy pieces like concertos or duets accompanied by orchestra


*Opera or choir ensembles are on a case by case basis


We can record up to 6 people (drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocal) with custom in-ear monitoring

*In-ear monitoring or headphones not included due to sanitation reasons


We can bolster your session with an additional 9 mics and 16 inputs

*Please specify whether you want stems or want to route audio directly to your DAW


We will make sure that your performance is captured in the best way possible and will work with you on non-intrusive microphone locations to make the performance visually appealing to you and the audience


We will make sure that the result of all your blood sweat and tears makes it to the judges in the most pristine quality possible


*There will be no pitch and time correction applied to your takes

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